With the release of the XPRINT Etirama is introducing a fully equipped all in one press, specifically focussed on the prime self adhesive label market.  All optional items specifically related to optimising label production is now supplied in one comprehensive package. For instance full length ancillary rails, movable stripping / lamination stations and full 360 rotational register are all built into the standard design.

Customer input during the initial conceptual period of the design, emphasised the continuous important role the operator plays in the ultimate day to day efficiency of a press and ultimately of production output – regardless of the level of the current level automisation pursued. As such, Etirama has in the design of the XPRINT also focussed on making sure the operator has the kind of functions at easy hand to make his actions as simple and predictable as possible.

Although this is a new design, existing customers need not be concerned in that the press is totally compatible in terms of tooling with any of the other Etirama models – past or present.

In terms of pricing, suffice to say it is priced to be the most competitive prime label press available anywhere.

Technical Information
Max number Print Stations: 12
Max Print Width: 250mm & 360mm
Gears: Helical CP 1/8"
Max Web Width: 250 mm & 350mm
Max Unwind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Rewind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Waste roll dia: 700mm
Dia of Pneumatic mandrels: 76mm
Min & Max of die cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Min & Max of print cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min. as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Labels Self Adhesives, Paper
Board Light Carton and Tags
Max Mechanical speed: 100 meters/minute
Drive Phase shift
Partnered Suppliers
OEM - Electrical System Schneider
OEM Web Gudie BST
OEM Tension Control Re-spa
OEM UV Dryers UV-Tech
OEM - UV LED Customer Specified
OEM - Video Web Inspection E & L / BST


  • Comprehensively specced as Standard
  • Dual frame unwind with pneumatic lift
  • 360 Register control
  • Rails for additional ancillaries
  • Lay-on stripping roller system
  • Delam / Relam / Turnbar
  • Unwind / Rewind lamination
  • Video web inspection
  • Backwards compatible tooling with Etirama presses – Aniloxes / Print Cylinders / Dies