The Superprint – Film

Although Etirama does not differentiate the unsupported configured Superprint as a different model, the actual real world performance of the Superprint is so compelling that it is deserving of a separate post on this site.

This is a press that has proved to be a whole lot more than the sum of its parts.

When Etirama released the new unsupported film optimised Superprint, they did so with the full realisation that the end product would be subjected to and pass critical industry evaluation in order to gain acceptance.

And, as expected, this turned out to become one of the the most scrutinised and customer trial-tested press models for Etirama – ever. However, the proof was in the pudding as the subsequent buy-in came from some of our industry’s most critical blue chip converters who are known for their conservative approach to change.  Amongst these, are two of the worlds biggest multinationals normally known for their brand loyalty with other established international manufacturers.

So who should consider buying the Superprint – Film ?

If you are;

  • Already a converter of wraparound or shrink labels and are looking to add an additional film-optimised label press to your stable.
  • A self adhesive label converter wanting to expand into shrink and wrap-around and shrink labels wanting the assurance that their chosen press has these capabilities integrated as standard.
  • Fitting into any one of the above categories but have thus far has been held back by the thought of converting filmic products as being too complex and too expensive a commitment.
  • Wanting to expand your product offering to include a variety of unsupported products such as PET/PVC shrink sleeve, Polyprop wraparound, alluminium foil, laminated pouches etc.
  • Requiring film-to-film lamination capabilities.
  • Be able to convert with the most suitable ink system to suit the product – UV, water, solvent.
  • If you would want one of the most stable and best register unsupported film capable presses that is currently available – regardless.

We are confident in our opinion that with our new Superprint, we redefined what can be achieved in terms of performance and value for money – and specifically in the arena of dual purpose prime label presses. – Ronnie Schroter MD

Technical Information
Max number Print Stations: Up to 10
Max Print Width: 360mm
Gears: Helical CP 1/8"
Max Web Width: 350mm
Max Unwind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Rewind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Waste roll dia: 700mm
Dia of Pneumatic mandrels: 76mm
Min & Max of die cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Min & Max of print cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min. as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Labels Self Adhesives, Paper
Board Light Carton and Tags
Unsupported Polyprop, PVC/PET, Aluminium Foil
Max Mechanical speed: 120 meters/minute
Main Drive Precision Gearbox
Partnered Suppliers
OEM - Electrical System Schneider
OEM Web Gudie BST
OEM Tension Control Re-spa
OEM UV Dryers UV-Tech
OEM - UV LED Customer Specified
OEM - Video Web Inspection E & L / BST


  • Dual frame unwind with pneumatic lift
  • Advanced electronic closed loop tension control optimised for film
  • Integrated driven synchronised chill drums on each station
  • Individual closed loop temperature and flow control for water / solvent drying on each station
  • Optimised variable power for UV stations on chill drums
  • Lay-on roller system on rewind to ensure perfect film reel-end profiles


  • Additional die stations (up to 10)
  • EASY concept bearer-style print station
  • Dual combo UV & Hot air drying system
  • Cold Stamping
  • Cast & Cure
  • Laminating unwind/rewind
  • Turnbar
  • Delam & Relam
  • Sheeter stacker

Additional options recommended for Filmic / Aluminium

  • Closed loop film to film lamination module
  • Solvent lamination drying module
  • UV Lamination
  • Corona treater
  • Anti static bars
  • Web cleaner
  • 6″ Core adaptors for unwind/rewind


Anodised Colors


Press Colors

Dark Grey

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