Etirama's Swiss Army Knife !

Etirama’s top selling press

Since the launch early 2018, this new generation Superprint has been Etirama’s top selling model.


The Superprint was designed from the outset to be a flexible platform to provide owners peace of mind in knowing they have a press capable of accomodating and keeping up with constantly changing market.

Also to offer a product that would allow customers long term relevancy and provide them with more breathing space between new-press investment cycles. This included choice of vendor dependent critical component availability through the selection of only blue chip internationally represented brands names for items such as electronic drives, motors etc.


The Superprint is Etirama’s equivalent of the the Swiss Army Knife.

Whether converting simple line work or, 10 colour mixed process whilst utilising a combination of ancillaries, this press is equally capable and allows you to capitalise on opportunities in whatever form or shape.

  • Label Stock / Light board / Tags
  • Unsupported
    • PVC/PET shrink
    • Aluminium foil
    • Polyprop wraparound

All three major ink systems are supported and can be mixed

  • UV / UV LED
  • Water
  • Solvent.

And, like all the other Etirama products, precision and simplicity of operations remains the hallmarks of the Superprint

Affordability and value

Of course, all of the potential features on a press are of little value the financial investment outstrips the potential future profits.

Etirama has put a lot of thought and R&D into making the Superprint as an affordable a proposition as possible without sacrificing any features, performance and reliability. We welcome and will gladly assist you to make a physical comparison with any other brand off press in terms of real world performance results.

Operator 101

Like all the other Etirama models, the Superprint redefines ease of operation.  However, in the event that more than button pushing is required, Etirama has been aware of the skills shortcomings experienced by its customers and has thus invested heavily in providing a new state of the art  flexographic training facility for basic and advanced training of operators.

Easy brand transition

We respect that your choice of press is often is not as clear cut as it may seem and that there are many factors to take into consideration. As such we have tried to make choosing the Superprint as painless as possible by;

  • making sure that in terms of tooling, the Superprint is as compatable with as many other brand name presses as possible.
  • offering focussed comprehensive operator training facilities at our flexographic training school which, adresses not only flexographic training, but also press familiarisation and press-specific training in order to assist you to maximise your capabilities of getting the most out of your investment

Who should consider buying the Superprint ?

  • If you are in the market for a new flexible  no-nonsense in-line flexographic label press that won’t break the bank. I trust give us the opportunityto provide you
  • If you are not emotionally over invested in your existing brand and are willing to evaluate your next purchase based on actual real world performance.

I am confident that with our new Superprint, we redefined what can be achieved in terms of performance and value for money in terms of a true dual purpose prime label presses. – Ronnie Schroter MD

Technical Information
Max number Print Stations: Up to 10
Max Print Width: 360mm
Gears: Helical CP 1/8"
Max Web Width: 350mm
Max Unwind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Rewind roll dia: 800mm (Max 140Kg)
Max Waste roll dia: 700mm
Dia of Pneumatic mandrels: 76mm
Min & Max of die cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Min & Max of print cylinders: T70* / T136 (*min. as recommended by tooling suppliers)
Labels Self Adhesives, Paper
Board Light Carton & Tags
Unsupported Pyloprop, PVC/PET, Aluminium Foil
Max Mechanical speed: 120 meters/minute
Main Drive Precision Gearbox
Partnered Suppliers
OEM - Electrical System Schneider
OEM Web Gudie BST
OEM Tension Control Re-spa
OEM UV Dryers UV-Tech
OEM - UV LED Phoseon
OEM - Video Web Inspection E & L / BST

Standard Press Features

  • Dual frame unwind with pneumatic lift
  • Electronic closed loop tension control
  • Dual drying system – UV & Hot air
  • Individual closed loop air temperature and flow control for water / solvent drying on each station

Optional Items

  • Additional die stations (up to 10)
  • EASY concept bearer-style print stations
  • Laminating unwind/rewind
    • Cold Stamping
    • Cast & Cure
  • Closed loop film to film lamination module
  • Solvent lamination system
  • Integrated driven synchronised chill drums
  • Lay-on roller system on rewind to ensure perfect film reel-end profiles
  • Corona treater
  • Anti static bars
  • Web cleaner
  • 6″ Core adaptors for unwind/rewind
  • Sheeter stacker
  • Delam & Relam facility
  • Turnbar


Anodised components


Press Colors

Dark Grey