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Your decision just became a whole lot easier !


Etirama’s entry level prime label UV press.


Despite its entry level status and price , the FIT shares most of its DNA with the Superprint design and is thus capable of re producing the same award winning  print quality.  This makes The FIT a true giant slayer. And, considering the acquisition price, offers you a distinct unfair advantage when it comes to Return On Investment  

Operator friendly 

We are satisfied that with the FIT we have set a new standard when it comes to accommodating even the most basic of operator skills. The panel above is indicative of the EASY design approach ; ON – OFF – GO.

So, if you have thus far been hesitant to consider committing to a new press due to your concerns regarding the ability of your existing crew to adapt, we will be happy to have a one on one interaction at any one of our demonstration facilities – South Africa or Brazil.

Etirama has also invested in providing a world class  flexographic training facility for basic and advanced training of operators.


Best of all the FIT is affordable. All efforts have been made to make this as affordable a proposition as possible without sacrificing any features or performance.

I am confident that that once you have evaluated all the alternatives, you will share our opinion that this press is possibly the best value for money entry level all UV press currently available. – Ronnie Schroter MD


Who should consider buying the FIT ?

If you are currently;

  • Considering to acquire a new modern but simple, tried and tested, reliable and no-nonsense in-line flexographic label press that won’t break the bank.
  • Being persuaded to consider purchasing a used older UV in-line flexo press from Europe or the likes because it fits the money you have available. (link coming soon)
  • Undecided between Digital vs Flexo and how long to wait. (link coming soon)
  • Wanting to upgrade from water based in-line printing to UV i.e. Mark Andy 2200 or Aquaflex DB etc
  • Thinking of modernising or upgrading your existing older plant i.e. Flexo Die Cutter, Paccom
Technical Information
Max number Print Stations: 10
Max Print Width: 250mm
Max Web Width: 260mm
Gears: Helical CP 1/8"
Max Unwind roll dia: 800mm
Max Rewind roll dia: 600mm
Max Waste roll dia: 700mm
Dia of Air Core shafts: 76mm
Min & Max dia of die cylinders T50 / T136
Min & Max dia of plate cylinders T50 / T136
Labels Self adhesives, Paper
Board Light carton and Tags
Max Mechanical speed: 100 meters/minute
Main drive Precision Gearbox
Partnered suppliers
OEM - Electrical System Schneider
OEM - Edge Guide BST
OEM - Tension Control Re-spa
OEM - UV Dryers UV-Tech
OEM - LED UV Phoseon
Video web inspection E & L / BST

Similar to the Superprint the FIT has the capacity to accommodate several optional items to customise it to your specific requirements. 


  • Additional die stations
  • Strip Waste compactor
  • Cold Stamping
  • Cast & Cure
  • Laminating unwind/rewind
  • Turnbar
  • Delam & Relam facility
  • Sheeter with conveyor & digital counter


Aluminum anodised colors


Press Colors

Dark Grey