Exco Labels invests in new solar installation

Fed up with electricity interruptions and the disastrous effect it had on production owner Clint de Nysschen of Exco Labels came to the conclusion that despite the sizeable investment required, both the long and short terms benefits investing in solar was more than justified. As such a local Cape Town Solar company was commissioned to install a system that was sized so as to be able to supply the factory’s entire demand during all but the most cloudy days.In which case, there a minimum of 6 hours reserve had to be in place form a lithium battery ¬†source.

Now two weeks after completion of the installation, Clint says “We realise its early days yet but up to now, the installation has met all our expectations”. The entire factory has now been running off grid without a hitch and that includes all three Etirama printing press at full capacity – CI, UV Superprint and UV FIT.

According to Clint, Owner, the cost of being energy independent at the current rate per KW from Eskom is around 5 years in the worst case (weather) scenario. He also says that despite the financial implication he feels liberated in having had the opportunity to more accurately take charge and control his future expenses and continuity of operation -“That peace mind, of is worth every cent”.