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The specific objective of this site is to provide a more detailed portrait of the various ETIRAMA products and activities specifically as to how it relates to the South African label producer’s perspective.

We also would like your visit to be an interactive tour covering subjects such as;

  • All local Etirama news
  • New model releases
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We will do our best to continuously keep the content relevant and informative.

As the local representative of ETIRAMA –

It is our aim to provide you with the knowledge you need to make a more educated decision regards the equipment that will be right for your business.  

We are familiar with the multitude of options that you have available to you as regards the choice of machinery – local, imported, used as well as new. And as such, we  undertake to;

  • Offer you guidance and assistance through all aspects of your decision making process
  • Provide you with factual information and advice on the various Etirama offerings based on our technical and practical hands-on operational experience
  • Make any interaction and dealings with us as stress free as possible


 — Johan Kotze 

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