Exco Cape Town installs new Superprint

This new in-line Superprint is Exco’s 3rd Etirama press. The Superprint joins the two existing 4 colour water based Etirama CI’s which had up till now formed the backbone of their family run business.

Clint contributes Exco’s continued growth due to his emphasis on maintaining a daily hands on approach in the production process.  He has made sure that he is personally fully competent in the operation of all his machinery and is therefore able ensure consistency and continuity of his output. Not only has this exposure aided him to better comprehend and anticipate production issues but also to personally have the capability to temporary stand in if an operator position is compromised

Since this intimate familiarity with equipment also makes Clint a very knowledgeable buyer, we are very proud of the fact that he once again chose an Etirama press to meets his expectations.

As much as I valued the initial contribution the two Etirama CI presses made to our business, when it became time to upgrade, my only focus was on considering equipment most beneficial for the future growth of our business – regardless of brand.   At the very least, my choice should provide me with a press capable to compete on an equal footing with any of our opposition.

I chose the Superprint from an Etirama and I can confidently say I chose well. Our company is subsequently experiencing the fastest growth in turnover and profitability since the day we opened our doors.

Already awaiting mt second one – a FIT this time.  – Clint de Nysschen – Owner

Owner Clint de Nysschen

Etirama’s Carlos Spana & Clint

Superprint 250