Blueprint installs new 8 Col UV Superprint

Friday 23 February 2018 saw the conclusion of a year long journey with the installation and trials completed of Blueprint’s new Superprint. One year since their shopping journey for a new prime label UV press started.

Blueprint started their label business 5 years ago.  First, with a 3 colour Flexo Diecutter, then adding 4 colour Etirama central impression and finally a Mark Andy Scout.

Despite the fact that they kept their sales and manufacturing focus on their core business which, is to be the preferred for blank labels and overprint machinery in their region, an energetic sales team inevitably also generated sales and enquiries requiring high end multicolour and multi substrate converting abilities.  A decision therefore to acquire a new prime product capable press was therefore inevitable and necessary if they were in any way to take advantage of the these available market opportunities.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the mainstream manufacturers, the Superprint from Etirama made it to the top of the list.

However, not one for accepting claims at face value, Devlin completed his homework by visiting the Etirama factory in Sao Paulo for a hands on evaluation, not only of the machinery, but also of the company and its people. Devlin’s belief is that people deal with people. After all, printing presses have a long lifespan and its important to know and believe in the people you buy from for a mutually healthy and profitable relationship.

We are just so stoked with our new Superprint ! After visiting Etirama in Brazil, I had very high expectations.  Now that its installed and running, I am even more impressed. In my opinion, the Superprint is the best value for money prime label UV press currently available.

We are looking forward to be on this new journey with our new partners.

Blueprint owners Devlin, Wade and newly arrived Superprint

Etirama techs at work

Test print

Assembled Superprint

Blueprint’s printer Blessing Zondi & Etirama’s tech Everton Cosi

Blueprint and Etirama