Why Etirama

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It’s the BALANCE of high quality print output linked to minimal investment that makes Etirama products the most prudent choice !


When shopping for new press, everyone has their own list of requirements. From brand, to price and all the things we think are important to give us an edge in making our respective label converting operations as profitable as possible.


We like to highlight 4 GOOD REASONS that makes the Etirama brand such a compelling choice and worthwhile of your consideration.

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Since 1980, this Brazilian label press company has built up an international reputation for fine engineering and assembly. As a consequence, several of Europe’s leading label press manufacturers has been partnering with Etirama as a manufacturing and assembling ventures.  So, they’ve had a lot of practise !

The current offerings from Etirama incorporates all the experience and exposure gained with these associations and makes any of the products a very relevant consideration – regardless. 

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Choosing an Etirama is a STRATEGY and not a once off investment

Etirama presses offer a comprehensive choice of premium performing presses for you to stay relevant and competitive.

By investing an Etirama system, you will be assured of enjoying the benefits of products from a company that is constantly and aggresively persuing affordable innovation.

With a policy of ploughing back 5% of gross turnover on R&D, Etirama ensures that their products will continue to be relevant and innovative – a good strategic investment then.

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Small enough to care, big enough to lead    

Etirama is one of the very few remaining private companies left amongst the worlds leading prime label machine manufacturers

Self funded, with no encumbrances to any financial institutions or shareholders, Etirama has the freedom to make decisions for the long term good of its products and customers.

Today, Etirama is the largest Latin American flexographic press manufacturer with a comprehensive range of presses unmatched in value for performance and quality and as such, year on year remains the no1 selling press against both local and international brands.

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It’s the BALANCE of high quality print output linked to minimal investment that makes Etirama the most prudent choice

ROI is everything to the label converter.

Etirama has over the years strived to never loose sight of this in terms of the final product they offer their customers.

Please allow us to show you why when choosing an Etirama, the BALANCE will be in your favour from day one.

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Existing customer buy-in speaks volumes

With annual sales of between 70 – 80 units, Etirama is not also the foremost supplier of presses to the label converting industry in Latin America but also the largest manufacturer of flexographic presses across the continent .

With several new models being released in the new year, Etirama is bucking the negative international label press manufacturing sentiment by predicting an increase in annual growth from 11% in 2017, 12% in 2018 to 15% in 2019. Investments in manufacturing facilities and abilities to cope with this increase in volume was completed during 2018.

All of this is not only good for Etirama but also for their present and future customers enabling them to have confidence in the knowledge in having partnered with a company whose stability is underwritten by a substantial existing loyal customer support base.  A vital component for any company not only to survive but also thrive in a challenging future.

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It’s the BALANCE of high quality print output linked to minimal investment that makes Etirama products the most prudent choice !

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